MarsPool is a crowdfunding platform powered by BSC with less complexities like KYC and management. The projects listed on the platform are voted on by the MarsPool community members. Members review potential projects using mutual appraisal and DYOR skill sets from multiple members.

MarsPool will use Kivachain’s Blockchain technology to develop LAND NFT Tokens, ROCKET Tokens & SEED Tokens


Seed Investors are the early-stage investors who help the projects to grow as a business and success. As an early believer, Seed Investors get LAND NFT assets which are rewarded with ROCKET tokens and airdrops from the Launching projects that exclusively allocate tokens and also the revenue generated by launching a project.

SEED Tokens

Project owners need to burn SEED tokens relevant to the project value and current available SEED total supply. SEED is rewarded to NFT token holders only. As the project owner starts listing the projects, the number of SEED tokens in supply will gradually decrease.

Seed investors NFT assets shall receive 10 SEED tokens per day for the next 60 months. There will be only 1786 Seed investment NFT’s will be mined. Hence the NFT is a limited and rare asset.


When projects are launched, based on the tiers community members will get their share of investment in the fundraising event.

With the right combination of the low-cost network and convenient launchpad that gives an option for everyone to participate in the projects without a high regulatory process like KYC holding valuable personal identities like passport, driving license date written with a smile in the middle of the nights

With the power of community members, we could solve many real-world problems and societies with resources that shall help them to decide the right decision on the launchpad investments. We as a community can make a huge difference and change the launchpad works.

Kivachain — The Multiside Blockchain Network for Innovative Enterprise

Kivachain is the multiside blockchain network with high performance and diversity ecosystem. By enabling interactions between two or more participant groups on one chain, Kivachain can process high speed transactions with a very cheap transaction fee and scale network.

Kivachain Ecosystem

With the desire to apply blockchain technology in many industries, the creation of Kivachain Ecosystem will include: Kiva Wallet: A safe, simple wallet allowing users to Buy, Trade, Earn, Use crypto. Kiva Wallet also lets users staking and growing coins.

Kiva Hardware:

Combining Secure Elements and a proprietary OS designed, Kiva hardware providing user highest level of security and give them access to their coin assets through a hardware technology with the price of US$ 100/wallet

Kiva Agriculture:

Designed to track and certify information in the agriculture value chain with the commitment to absolute transparency of information benefits businesses and consumers.

Token Play:

Provide an ecosystem with a variety of games to support publishers to reach more users. In addition, Token Play points and gaming fees are converted by Kiva Coin that has value and players can earn these coins in order to sell it on the web or continue playing.

Konla OTT:

The World’s Open and Chatting Infrastructure. Konla is a decentralized chatting network built on the Binance Smartchain.

Kiva Education:

Providing a blockchain platform to offer anti-fraud and plagiarism, improve professional education quality through offering Digital Certificate.

Kiva De-fi Exchange:

A decentralized and automated market maker (AMM) keeps token trading automated and open to token holders. Kiva Exchange protocol inceventizes activity by limiting risk and reducing costs for all parties.

Kiva NFT:

A platform allows easy creation and transactions of limited Digital content Editions. Users can trade Non-fungible Token (NFTs) , easily create original NFTs and stake Kiva coin to earn limited NFT items with Kiva Platform.

Altogether, Kiva NFTs market creates a more mutually-beneficial business model for both users and developers, benefits businesses and consumers through transparent information in agriculture, providing users security and greater possession over their assets, enhancing quality of education for the people and innovating chatting Network built on Binance smart chain.

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